Jaclyn & Anthony’s Lace and Rose Wedding

By far the best part of being a wedding photographer is to get to meet such lovely couples and witness love every day. That’s how I felt about working with Jaclyn & Anthony for their engagement session and finally their wedding. I’m so lucky and grateful that they asked me to be a part of their special day. The day was adorned with beautiful details — red roses, blush pink dahlias, glamorous sparkly shoes and the most gorgeous lace bridal veil that trailed behind Jaclyn as she walked down the aisle. There were many generations of family there to celebrate Jaclyn and Anthony’s union and everyone danced the night away.

Pomona rose and lace wedding 1Pomona rose and lace wedding 2Pomona rose and lace wedding 3Pomona rose and lace wedding 4Pomona rose and lace wedding 5Pomona rose and lace wedding 27Pomona rose and lace wedding 6Pomona rose and lace wedding 7Pomona rose and lace wedding 9Pomona rose and lace wedding 10Pomona rose and lace wedding 11Pomona rose and lace wedding 12Pomona rose and lace wedding 13Pomona rose and lace wedding 14Pomona rose and lace wedding 15Pomona rose and lace wedding 16Pomona rose and lace wedding 17Pomona rose and lace wedding 18Pomona rose and lace wedding 19Pomona rose and lace wedding 20Pomona rose and lace wedding 21Pomona rose and lace wedding 22Pomona rose and lace wedding 23Pomona rose and lace wedding 24Pomona rose and lace wedding 28Pomona rose and lace wedding 25Pomona rose and lace wedding 26

Alena & Lou’s Malibu Beach Wedding

I met Alena and Lou at their engagement session at their alma mater, Harvey Mudd, and have been looking forward to their wedding ever since. They’re such a friendly, relaxed couple and I knew their wedding would be reflective of their laid back attitudes, unique personal touches and, of course, their love for each other. The big day finally arrived and everyone gathered at the gorgeous Malibu beach for the celebration. I was utterly charmed by the table decorations, with each table themed after one of their favorite books like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. And those cake toppers! Alena and Lou as Hogwarts students, perfect in every detail from their house scarves to the tiny broomstick and wand.

Malibu Beach Wedding 1Malibu Beach Wedding 8Malibu Beach Wedding 2Malibu Beach Wedding 4Malibu Beach Wedding 5Malibu Wedding 34Malibu Beach Wedding 10Malibu Beach Wedding 14Malibu Beach Wedding 11Malibu Beach Wedding 13Malibu Beach Wedding 6Malibu Beach Wedding 12Malibu Beach Wedding 7Malibu Beach Wedding 15Malibu Beach Wedding 16Malibu Beach Wedding 17Malibu Beach Wedding 18Malibu Beach Wedding 19Malibu Beach Wedding 20Malibu Beach Wedding 21Malibu Beach Wedding 22Malibu Beach Wedding 23Malibu Beach Wedding 24Malibu Beach Wedding 32Malibu Beach Wedding 25Malibu Beach Wedding 26Malibu Beach Wedding 27Malibu Beach Wedding 28Malibu Beach Wedding 31Malibu Beach Wedding 33Malibu Beach Wedding 29Malibu Beach Wedding 30

Kristin & John’s Golden Road Brewery Wedding

Kristin and John’s wedding at the Golden Road Brewery in Burbank, California was a real treat for the senses – bursting with color and fun. Everything from the bridesmaids dresses to the flowers were as bright as the blue skies and summer sun. Kristin and John share an awesome fashion sense and a love of dancing. They were so excited to be getting married and their energy was infectious as I captured their wedding day. Shortly after the wedding, they embarked on another big adventure by moving across the country where John is pursuing a graduate degree. Best of luck to these two!

Golden Road Brewery Wedding 27

Golden Road Brewery Wedding 1Golden Road Brewery Wedding 12Golden Road Brewery Wedding 3Golden Road Brewery Wedding 4Golden Road Brewery Wedding 2Golden Road Brewery Wedding 5Golden Road Brewery Wedding 6Golden Road Brewery Wedding 6Golden Road Brewery Wedding 7Golden Road Brewery Wedding 8Golden Road Brewery Wedding 9Golden Road Brewery Wedding 10Golden Road Brewery Wedding 11Golden Road Brewery Wedding 13Golden Road Brewery Wedding 14Golden Road Brewery Wedding 15Golden Road Brewery Wedding 16Golden Road Brewery Wedding 17Golden Road Brewery Wedding 18Golden Road Brewery Wedding 19Golden Road Brewery Wedding 20Golden Road Brewery Wedding 21Golden Road Brewery Wedding 22Golden Road Brewery Wedding 24


Special thanks to the following vendors!

Flowers: Sibyl Sophia

Event Coordinator: Homegrown Event Co. 

Jaclyn & Anthony’s Engagement

Jaclyn and Anthony are so cute together. They met when Jaclyn was a customer at the bank where Anthony worked and six years of dating later, they’re engaged and getting married this September! We met up for an engagement session on and around the Shakespeare Bridge in Pasadena. They had walked along the bridge on their very first date so returning to it now as an engaged couple felt really special. With the old oak trees and stone walkways, the arches of the bridge, and blooming jacarandas, this engagement session captured the best of Pasadena and gave me the chance to spend a fun afternoon getting to know these two wonderful people before their big day!

Pasadena Engagement 1Pasadena Engagement 2Pasadena Engagement 5Pasadena Engagement 6Pasadena Engagement 7Pasadena Engagement 8Pasadena Engagement 9Pasadena Engagement 10Pasadena Engagement 11Pasadena Engagement 12Pasadena Engagement 13

Alyssa & Scott’s Palm Springs Wedding

“I’m looking forward to the best days we’ll have. Your love’s the one love I need to know.” 

It was lovely to watch Alyssa and Scott celebrate their wedding day at the Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Springs. It was a beautiful summer day in the high desert. From the bride’s silver Converse sneakers to the groom’s cufflinks with lyrics to the Goo Goo Doll’s song Boxes, all of Alyssa and Scott’s personalized touches came together to reflect who they are as a couple and now as a new family.

Palm Springs Wedding 3Palm Springs Wedding 25Palm Springs Wedding 24Palm Springs Wedding 26Palm Springs Wedding 22Palm Springs Wedding 21Palm Springs Wedding 4Palm Springs Wedding 5Palm Springs Wedding 12Palm Springs Wedding 18Palm Springs Wedding 20Palm Springs Wedding 19Palm Springs Wedding 17Palm Springs Wedding 6Palm Springs Wedding 16Palm Springs Wedding 15Palm Springs Wedding 14Palm Springs Wedding 13Palm Springs Wedding 10Palm Springs Wedding 2Palm Springs Wedding 7Palm Springs Wedding 11Palm Springs Wedding 1Palm Springs Wedding 8Palm Springs Wedding 9