Matt’s Horse Competition

Matt’s love of riding was discovered by coincidence – he decided one weekend to go on a trail ride at a local ranch and after a few miles of dusty trail, rust-colored vistas and giant blue skies he was hooked. He started to take lessons every week, making friends at the ranch and absorbing more of the cowboy culture. After about a year, he was asked if he wanted to compete for the first time in a barrel show so I came along to photograph the day. Matt rode confidently and did well, nabbing two second place ribbons and a first place.

We joked that he was the reincarnation of Teddy Roosevelt from his Rough Riders years.

Matt by the stable, American flag

Black and white riding horse

Horse head in stable, long row of stable doors


Matt on Horse, boots in tree

Matt standing by horse stable

Matt standing by stable, black and white

Horse competition prize ribbons

Riding horses in a row

Matt on horseback

horse and saddle

Matt on horse

Matt riding a horse

Dusty horse trailer

Row of prize ribbons

Back of horseback riders

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