Nathan & Alexa’s Engagement

I met up with Nathan and Alexa on the University of Southern California campus on a beautiful, blue-skied day. Being USC alumni is something we all have in common and I have lots of good memories of my student days (yes, I’m getting to an age where I can look back nostalgically). The Mudd Hall of Philosophy was always one of my favorite buildings on campus, with its elegant stone archways and tall tower, and it made for a gorgeous backdrop for this Southern California engagement session.

Nathan described first being captivated by Alexa’s laugh before he even spoke to her. The rest is history. Nathan is a wedding videographer, and when he decided to propose, he took Alexa to the courtyard they visited on their first date. Both of them love art, so he painted a picture of her on a canvas and had it set up on an easel for her to discover, and as an extra romantic surprise he had the real ring on her finger in the painting. They’re planning a wedding for November 2014. After finishing at USC, we couldn’t be so close to the Rose Garden and not venture over to take some photos.

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