Photographing Scotland, Part 2

My husband and I recently returned from our annual UK trip to Scotland and England to see his side of the family. I love going there at different times of the year, as each season brings its own distinct magic. Last year, we were there at Christmas. This time, it was autumn, when the days were just starting to get shorter, filling Edinburgh with a golden light. The leaves on the trees and the Virginia Creeper vining its way up the old stone buildings were ablaze with yellows and reds. I had my camera with me most days, to capture the season. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was most inspired┬áby the plants and flowers of autumnal Scotland (and a great day at Kew Gardens in London) because I’m just about to embark on planting my very first garden at home. I came home feeling very inspired, both for gardening and photography.

Autumnal Scotland 1Autumnal Scotland 2Autumnal Scotland 3Autumnal Scotland 4Autumnal Scotland 5Autumnal Scotland 8Autumnal Scotland 10Autumnal Scotland 6Autumnal Scotland 11Autumnal Scotland 12Autumnal Scotland 20Autumnal Scotland 13Autumnal Scotland 14Autumnal Scotland 15Autumnal Scotland 17Autumnal Scotland 18Autumnal Scotland 19Autumnal Scotland 16


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