Silvia & Ricardo’s Engagement

Truth be told, I’m not much of a morning person and usually need countless cups of coffee to wake up and be totally in the moment. But, to make the most of the early morning golden light, I met up with Silvia and Ricardo for their engagement session on Santa Monica Pier at 7 a.m.

As I approached them from the beach, I could tell from their smiling faces and the adorable way they interacted with each other that it was going to be a great morning. And it was!

Silvia wore a flowy skirt that went perfectly with the beach setting. It’s couples like these two that make me love my job. They had a lot of fun together and that came across in their photos, whether Ricardo was giving Silvia a piggy back ride and carrying her through the surf, or they were picking out the best blooms at the farmer’s market.

The best engagement sessions are personal to the couple, somewhere that has significance – whether it’s where the proposal took place or a memorable date, or highlights an activity that the couple enjoys doing together. With Silvia and Ricardo, it was the farmer’s market where Silvia told me they often go to spend a relaxing Sunday picking out bundles of colorful flowers.

Silvia & Ricardo 1-900 Silvia & Ricardo 2-900 Silvia & Ricardo 3-900 Silvia & Ricardo 4-900 Silvia & Ricardo 5_2-900 Silvia & Ricardo 5-900 Silvia & Ricardo 6-900 Silvia & Ricardo 7-900 Silvia & Ricardo 8-900 Silvia & Ricardo 9-900 Silvia & Ricardo 10-900 Silvia & Ricardo 11-900 Silvia & Ricardo 12-900 Silvia & Ricardo 13-900 Silvia & Ricardo 14-900 Silvia & Ricardo 16-900 Silvia & Ricardo 17-900 Silvia & Ricardo 18-900 Silvia & Ricardo 19-900

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